Extracurricular Education

  • Environment Management.
We train our staff and students (1) the effective use of water and electricity, (2) to avoid the use of and disposal of pollutants like plastic, and (3) to prevent pollutions of air, water, land and sound.
  • Safety Management.
We have strong Safety Management System, and we train our staff and students all safety precautions, potential hazards and how to save themselves and others from hazards. We have a separate Safety Department, and we study all near-miss incidents, accidents and potential hazards, analyze the route cause and take preventive actions. And we have in our Safety Management System not only potential hazard management, but Crisis and Disaster Management System too.
We give different safety trainings and conduct mock-drills to students including earth quack evacuation, fire evacuation, fire fighting, road safety training, disaster management training and crisis management training.
  • Health Management.
We have a very well developed Health Management System and we effectively implement the system. We not only provide a pollution-free and healthy environment, but prevent all types of pollutions. We have a separate health Department, a sick room, contract with ambulance service, doctors and hospitals. We conduct Health Awareness Trainings too.
  • Co-curricula Education
We provide all types of co-curricular education for the all round development of students including Sports & Games, Music & Dance, Fashion & Modeling, Personality Development, Martial Arts.
  • Quality Management
We have a very efficient Quality Management System and we effectively implement it in order to achieve cent per cent customer satisfaction. As our slogan says “Every Day One Step Ahead, Changing, Correcting, And Continually Improving To The Entire Customer Satisfaction”, we plan, we do, we check, we correct, we change, we improve and we achieve our objectives.
  • Personality Development.
And more!