We work with the aim of imparting real education to our students, planning, processing, auditing, correcting, monitoring, analyzing and reviewing. Our Management system is a highly coordinated, beautifully administered, effectively monitored and perfectly managed system consisting of well qualified and trained teaching and administrative team under the leadership of a fully committed Top Management.

This Organization has established documented, implemented and maintains a quality management system and continually improves its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of this standard to achieve this, the Organization has identified the processes required for the quality management system and their application throughout the Organization. Sequence and interaction of these processes are determined along with the criteria and methods needed to operate these processes effectively The required resources and information is provided by management to support the operation of all processes.

RES has identified key processes required by the quality management system for delivery of educational service as stipulated in the Student Diary/Prospectus/Application form of the School The provision of educational services to the students is planned, implemented, controlled and improved though the following key processes

Student Acquisition and educational delivery process
Human Resource Development Process

RES has determined the sequence and interaction of these processes required for the Quality Management System and their application throughout the school by effectively planning the Quality Management System and defining inter-linkages between the processes There are some support and sub-processes involved in minting the requirements of the standard, some of which are detailed in the documentation laid down

By the way of organization chart and assigning responsibility, as wall as providing the required authority, the school has identified the human resources with the necessary competencies required for the effective management and functioning of the Quality System These Human resources would the Management Principally consist of teachers and support staffs

The Managing Principal identifies other resources required as and when necessary Real shall monitor and measure, at appropriate intervals, the suitability and effectiveness of processes involved in the quality management system by using appropriate techniques The processes shall be evaluated from time to time ensure that they are not obsolete due to innovations in education field RES shall ensure that the processes are validated

It shall also be the responsibility of RES to implement corrective action to achieve desired output of the process and objectives set by the School to strive for continual improvement of the processes To discover weaknesses in the system of personnel, the school commits itself to conducting Self Assessment form time to time and to conduct Management Review meetings.

The management of RES assures that it shall strive for continual improvement through effective feedback from ht e customer and stake holders, meeting their requirements and improving upon the education plan and processes from time to time

RES has established a quality policy, Quality objectives relevant to the Policy, Agenda for management reviews and has provided the necessary resources o affirm its commitment to Quality of Education

RES will endeavor to enhance leadership, commitment and perception in the eyes of its stakeholders, which includes Society at large ,with the following initiatives

The management of this organization is committed to establish, maintain & practice the ISO- 9001 (2000) Standard The commitment is evident by the established Quality policy, Quality objectives documented in this manual and displayed in the organization

Management review meetings are conducted at planned intervals of six months by top management:
• To assess the performance of QMS
• For identifying any further needs for training & awareness customer special requirements • For fulfilling the requirement of resources
• For identifying the requirements by Legal or Statutory bodies while realizing the service/product for Customer like Export license
• To review of quality policy and quality objectives
The organization commits itself to providing necessary training resources in terms of experience, competent teachers and staff for rendering the educational services and for ensuring the effective ness of the Quality management System The School Ensure that
• Process inputs are clearly identified, defined and controlled
• The inputs and outputs are monitored to validate the effectiveness of the processes
• Progress of the students and performance of staff and supplier is regularly monitored for continual improvement
• Personnel involved in various processes are assigned responsibilities
• Effective action are taken to monitor and measure the performance of the school, as a whole time to time
• Demonstrate its understanding of the current and future need s of the customer and live up to the expectation of the customers and interested parties
• Involve staff members to build up team spirit and achieve synergy
• Train the staff such that they understand each loop of the process as a link to the end result; non compliance with which could result in customer dissatisfaction
• Set goals at the function level to achieve the Objectives of the organization and demonstrate continual improvement
• Nurture long-term relationship with all the interested parties who contribute to service realization